Wednesday, December 3

Out of Whack

Well, we have officially entered into the craziest season of the year! Those of us who are attempting to balance all that goes with this Christmas season can find oneself in a weird place if not careful. What do I mean by that statement? Decorating the house, decorating the church, choir practices for upcoming cantatas, church parties, parties at home, shopping, wrapping gifts, addressing Christmas cards, etc. etc. etc. Now do you know what I am getting at?

I love Christmas and all that goes with it but I need to step back each year and make a concerted effort not to get whacked out by all that is happening around me. It is very easy to become over stressed and overwhelmed with all the responsibilities at this busy season. I want to be joyful and a blessing to others throughout this month. I don't want to be one of those weary and tired saints who everyone tries to avoid because it is obvious they are everything but happy about this time of the year.

For me I rarely say "No" to anything but this year I have already scanned all that is on my plate and I have decided to find time for ME and my FAMILY during this busy season. I want to give honor to our Lord and my goal is for others to see Jesus in my life throughout this month. I am declaring to place "stress" on the shelf.

What about you? Are you already feeling overwhelmed about all that needs to be done this month? Take a deep breath and re-evaluate what really needs to be done this holiday season. Solicit help in decorating your home and the church. Find other ways, regarding the additional responsibilities that have landed on your plate, to delegate the tasks to others. I have found that there really are others who would love to help us but we fail to ask.

I pray this Christmas will be one of joy, peace and relaxation for you and your family. Blessings friends!

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  1. Our attitudes must be tempered to the beauty of the Christmas season. Lovingly and wisely, enjoy each person, each moment, each opportunity that is placed before us as the gift from Christ that they are. Thank you for the reminder to appropriately balance our wants with our needs. Blessings!


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