Wednesday, October 1

Prep for Upcoming Ministers' Retreat

This has been a very busy week at the office. Finalizing details for Ministers' Retreat next week in Williamsburg, Virginia. Our new ministry to Pastor's Wives will host the second annual Chick-Chat breakfast. We also have two separate sessions scheduled for pastor's wives Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. Our retreat kicks off with a first time ever Luau Monday evening! Still have a zillion details to finish. Thank the Lord I have two more days to prep!

Blessings to you!


  1. Oh friend....I'll be thinking about you and offering up prayers as well.

    I know everyone is going to LOVE...LOVE..LOVE...all the hard work you've put into this special event.

    Make sure you find time to enjoy your time away too! :-)

  2. The Luau on Monday sounds like a lot of fun. Enjoy! It will be perfect.


  3. Praying all goes well for your busy week! Hugs, Grams

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  5. Hoping it all went well. I love the phrase "Chicks and Chat"!!

    :-) Susan


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