Wednesday, October 15

Pastor Appreciation Day

Sunday was a great day in the house! For those who may not know, October is Pastor Appreciation Month. Our church chose last Sunday to recognize their pastor's and wives. We received flowers, cards and gifts. After service Sunday morning there was an incredible luncheon planned with tons of food. The Sunday evening service was cancelled since everyone worked so hard to put together such a nice day. It was definitely off the chart and it was obvious that love was poured into making it a very special day for us.

Bobby and I have been in ministry together for twenty-eight years and have pastored our current church for almost ten years. We are very grateful for the people God has called us to pastor. We truly are blessed and I know there are many pastor's and wives who are not able to say that today. I am privy to many things in my position and it sickens me to hear the way some churches treat their pastor's and families. Pastor's are gifts to the church. They work long hours and are on call 24/7. Many times our plans have been disrupted because of a church family crisis. Many times Bobby has been called from dinner because someone has just been rushed to the hospital. Many times we have spent hours counseling folks whose marriages were in shambles. Pastor's and their wives carry numerous burdens for the church along with their own.

Pastor's and their families are often ridiculed for a variety of reasons. How often have you heard people in your church criticize the pastor and/or his wife? They live in a fishbowl and are constantly scrutinized.

I encourage you today to be thankful for the pastor and his family that has been called to lead your church. They are not perfect - neither are you. Love them, encourage them and pray for them daily. Pastoring is a tough calling and only those anointed by God and called will succeed. Focus on the Family has stated that 50 pastors per day leave the ministry. The ministry is not for whimps. It can be a very challenging, stressful and lonely profession.

Send your pastor and his wife a card. Take them to dinner. Buy them a gift. I emphasize "them" because behind every good man is a good woman. The pastor's wife is the one who listens to her hubby's heart when he is discouraged and feels like throwing in the towel. God uses her many times to minister to her husband and to remind him why he is doing what he has been called to do.

I applaud all pastor's and their wives today. You are special. God loves you and He will take care of you.

Don't wait for October each year to tell your pastor and his family that you love them and appreciate them. They deal with so much more than you will ever know. Send them a card for no reason. It is a very stressful and lonely profession. Encourage them today. I guarantee you it will be greatly appreciated.

Blessings and hugs!

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  1. Your Church family is Blessed to have you all as their pastors!!! Hugs Grams


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