Tuesday, October 28


Bobby and I had an awesome week in Mexico. It was a blessing for us to be given the opportunity to stay in such an extravagant resort. The place was beautiful. This particular resort has the second largest pool in the world. Although we were only able to lay by the pool one day because of the tropical depression that depressed all those on vacation for 7 days, it was a great time! :-) We visited Cancun and spent one day shopping in the malls there. We had lunch at an authentic Mexican restaurant. It was fabulous. They actually prepared and cooked our meal by our table. So yummy!

As we traveled throughout Mexico we saw many homes. It absolutely broke my heart to see the way some families were living. They have very little. Their homes are concrete blocks and some even have dirt floors. We are so blessed in this country. I never want to take that for granted. God has been so incredibly good to us.

When we returned home Saturday evening we were again blessed. The landscaping fairy had been t0 our home while we were away! All the landscaping around our home had been weeded and mulched. It was beautiful. The trees and bushes were also trimmed and shaped. What a nice surprise!

I will post more photos later this week.

Blessings to you friends! It is good to be home!

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