Tuesday, August 26

In 'Other' Words - Let Go and Let God

" Dear Lord, I do not ask that Thou should give me some high work of Thine, some noble calling, or some wondrous task. Give me a little hand in mine to hold."
~ Anonymous ~

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Bobby and I decided that we wanted children after one year of marriage. God had other plans.

After numerous tests, fertility drugs and frustration upon frustration, we finally became pregnant. After seven years of waiting, and not so patiently I might add, we were blessed with a beautiful baby girl. Two years later God blessed us with a son. They were the most beautiful babies I had ever laid my eyes on! :-)

Children are truly gifts and blessings from God. Brooke and Brandon are married now and Brooke has children of her own. Time passes so quickly. It is hard to believe that I am a Grammy.

This time of year brings back many memories. I remember Bobby and I driving Brandon to Evangel University in Springfield, MO. Leaving him on that campus for the first time 1000 miles from home was certainly one of the most difficult things I have ever had to do. At that moment, as we drove away from the campus, tears streaming down our faces, I realized that I must place him in God’s hands. God had entrusted us with these incredible gifts, and as parents, we needed to learn to COMPLETELY trust God with their lives. If we truly expected God to do an incredible work in their lives we needed to "let go and let God". I admit that wasn't an easy task for me in the beginning.

Being a mom and Grammy has been so rewarding and I am so thankful for our family. Memories of Brooke and Brandon growing up fill my mind. Little hands are definitely a "high calling" and I am thankful that God called me to be one of those who can experience the little hands. God certainly walked with me as I was learning the ropes of parenthood. I still make mistakes and God is teaching and encouraging me when I fail. I may never win the "Mother of the Year" award but there is no doubt in the minds of Brooke and Brandon and Luke and Victoria that mom and Grammy love them with all her heart.



  1. Wow, this was great, and so true.

    God has truly given us a major challenge as we raise our children for him.

    What a call!!

    Isn't wonderful we get the reward of grandkids?


  2. That was precious, thanks for sharing today. I don't know if I will ever make "mother of the year" but I look at my daughter and grandchildren and there lies my reward, my declaration. Thanks.

  3. Your post struck a chord with me, and tears fill my eyes. Thanks for this beautiful post today! ~Sharon~

  4. Super post!

    I'm an AG-er too. Nice to find you!

    My entry is a little satirical this time . . . a THROW-back to those teen years. Something about the start of the school year made me a little nostalgic perhaps. ;-)




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