Wednesday, May 18

Crooning for Jesus

I polled the ladies in my mentoring groups a while back regarding things that hindered the church of today and some things that stood out above the rest: were GOSSIP, COMPLACENCY, CRITICAL SPIRIT, JEALOUSY, ENVY, BITTERNESS, ME FOCUSED , PRIORITIES, DISOBEDIENCE, NON-COMMITMENT. Wow!!!  That is quite a list..........

When these things exist in our lives, how can we possibly think that God is going to bring new families into an environment overflowing with such negativity? The church exists to build up - not tear down. As a pastor's wife and co-pastor I get so frustrated with people who are constantly complaining and griping about EVERYTHING in the church but never once take the opportunity to meet with the pastors to discuss the issues. The chatter always makes it's way back to us but not without effecting many people in its path of destruction.

Let's just take a look at the COMPLAINER. A medical survey states that chronic complainers live longer than people who are always sweet and serene.... It actually claims that their cantankerous spirit give them a purpose for living! Each morning they get up with a fresh challenge to see how many things they can find to grumble and complain about. They derive an enormous amount of satisfaction from making others miserable. I am certain that none of you have ever encountered anyone like this in your church.................................. :-)

Chronic complainers may in fact live longer, but they DON'T bless people with a good witness for Jesus Christ. They absolutely do not draw people into the church. In fact, they are probably the reason many folks choose not to attend church! A sure way not to have friends is to be one of those complainer's and a sure way to kill a church is to complain all the time!

THE LORD IS SEEKING CROONERS, NOT COMPLAINERS! A crooner is someone who sings or hums all the time in a soft, soothing voice. Those who croon, those who sing praise to the Lord, and sing the praise of others, cause the church to move to the next level.

Let's croon for Jesus!

Blessings and hugs!

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  1. This was really really good!!! A joy to read and also soooo true!!!
    Isn't GOD AWESOME just how HE directs us to more Awesome women after HIS heart... Those that are truly on HIS path daily, not only while they are churching so to speak...
    Thanks for sharing a leadher today...
    And YES, let's croon for Jesus all the way!!!
    Hugs and Prayers included~~~Dena


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