Saturday, August 23

God's Favor

Another busy week has been recorded! I left
the office late Wednesday evening because I have been somewhat overwhelmed with a zillion projects. Shortly after I left the parking lot I noticed a battery light was lit on my dashboard. As I traveled a little further my car became difficult to steer. Less than 10 minutes further down the road my control temperature light began flashing and then the needle on my temperature gauge took a deep nosedive into the red zone! Thank the Lord a shopping center was only a short distance away so I quickly navigated into the Harris Teeter parking lot and shut off my car. I called Bobby and he contacted a gentlemen in our church who owns a towing business. He arrived a short time later and put my car on his flat bed truck. My heart sank as he pulled away knowing this was going to be an expensive repair.

A friend of mine was commuting home from Dulles so she picked me up. We even arrived at church early for the Wednesday night service! The car is ten years old but in very good condition although the result of the injury - $1347.00!!!! The fuel pump went bad which also mutilated a huge belt, hose, thermostat and some bearings. UGH! I have been sick about the amount of repairs but things happen. We had been saving that money for a trip we are taking in October to celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary and honestly didn't have the extra money to put into expensive car repairs right now. It was a blessing though the way the entire mishap occurred. Bobby and I had commuted back and forth two days last week to Lutherville, MD. If the car would have broke down on the beltway it would have been a nightmare. We also traveled to Williamsburg, VA Thursday and it could have left us sitting along the highway on that trip so God certainly showed us favor.

Stuff happens in our lives that we cannot prevent. We certainly don't need this repair bill right now but I know God's favor is all over this situation. It would have been far worse if we would have been stranded in the middle of nowhere late at night. If we look deep enough we can always find something good in every situation instead of always focusing on the negative. God cares about every detail of our lives.

I had two meetings in Williamsburg Thursday in preparation for the upcoming Ministers' Retreat for the Potomac District in October. The hotel gave me a complimentary night so Bobby decided to tag along. After my meetings were finished we checked into our room and decided to peruse the outlets! We had dinner at the Whaling Company. We took a drive through historic Williamsburg and called it a night. We had breakfast Friday morning and made a stop at the Pottery Factory. looking for some items for the church, before we left to come home. It was awesome being able to spend some quality time together. It was a short visit but a great time to clear my head and refocus.

I won Wild Goose Chase by Mark Batterson on Brandon's site this week. It arrived yesterday. I began reading it last evening and it is an incredible book. Thank you son. You are awesome! I love the book!

Blessings and hugs!

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  1. How true it is that we need to look past the immediancy of our need to see God's hands all over the situation. BTW, I am reading Wild Goose Chase now...what an AWESOME book! Thanks for sharing!


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