Saturday, January 19

Trusting Him

My hubby and I spent the entire day together Friday and it was wonderful. We went to the hospital to pray for someone from our church who was scheduled for surgery. From there we ran errands the remainder of the day and ended it with lunch at Olive Garden. We had received a gift card for "Pastor Appreciation Day" in October and had not used it. The food was marvelous! It was just a grand day. Really nothing special but the past several months have caused me to appreciate things we normally take for granted. No restaurants, no shopping, no fun time for two months. I was experiencing some major withdrawal issues!!

The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and I am helped. Psalm 28:7

This verse has resonated with me repeatedly since November. Walking through the valley with my hubby and his back injury for two months was agonizing but I always had the comfort of knowing that God was with us. Life was sometimes overwhelming and extremly stressful over the holidays. Actually Christmas was really a blur this year with all the added extras on my plate but thank the Lord we got through it and Bobby is recovering. Each day he is gaining strength and getting back to his normal routine of life.

Life places many challenges before us but we can have peace knowing that God is our strength. I have counseled several desperate women this week and truly my heart aches for them. They are treading through some very deep valleys in their lives and I am praying for them but God is their strength, their shield and their source for the solution to what they are dealing with. Sometimes garbage navigates into our lives because we make very poor choices but sometimes God allows us to experience trials for reasons we may never understand. God has a purpose and through it all we must TRUST Him and lean upon Him for guidance, strength and direction.

Our grandchildren spent the evening with us last night. Mommy and Daddy needed a night out alone. Imagine that! Luke and Victoria are such a joy and so sweet. The evening was getting late and Victoria was very sleepy. She is still nursing and Grammy just doesn't have what she needs and she doesn't take a bottle! Anyway........ she was whimpering and rubbing her little eyes fighting sleep to the very end. I continued to walk with her and comfort her the best I knew how until finally she gave in and fell asleep. She was being stubborn and fought giving in to the demands of being tired until the very end. Christians are much like that as well. We try to fight the good fight on our own until we become weary and exhausted. As a last resort we then turn to God for comfort and strength. It had been available to us from the beginning of the trial but we refused to accept the offer.

If you are facing a situation in your life today that has become overwhelming and extremely challenging allow God to minister to you . I pray that you will find refuge in His strength today. Trust Him ......... He is definitely the source and solution to life's problems.



  1. We DO fight it, don't we? And WHY? Life would be sO much easier if we would just realize ALL THE TIME that WE are NOT in control! Let Him have it! Do your thing Lord! I am your checker! Move me!

    Another GREAT post!

  2. The pic was precious....and I LOVE the quote you've chosen for Tuesday!!
    Can't wait...

    It sounds like a perfect weekend!!

  3. So glad things are going much better for you. God Bless.

  4. Great great post!! You've written much to ponder.

    I'm so glad to hear that you and your dh were able to spend some time together. It sounds like he's on the mend???

    Your SO sweet!!

    Have a blessed week!

  5. Great post! how beautiful you are with the thought of you holding her to the very end. Just like Him holding us.

  6. Your blog is such a blessing :)


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