Wednesday, January 2

Happy New Year!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! My prayer for you in 2008 is that God will bless you abundantly and open doors of opportunity for you that you never dreamed possible.

Christmas is still somewhat a blur for me. Our entire agenda was turned upside down this year due to my hubby's back problem and surgery. Unfortunately several of the events I usually host at our home didn't happen this year because of other obligations I was trying to coordinate. In spite of everything else we did have an incredible holiday.

Bobby was not able to direct the choir program and our choir had to settle for me! They were absolutely incredible and so anointed! The choir presented the program December 23 and our son spoke in the middle of the service. It was great. We did have the Christmas Eve candlelight service and Brandon and I coordinated that as well. God was in the midst of all of it and we were truly blessed.

Bobby continues to heal from his surgery. He is experiencing some pain and his stamina level is low but praise the Lord the pain is nothing like he experienced prior to surgery.

As I dream about 2008 I anticipate with excitement numerous opportunities God is planning. I am excited about what God is going to do this year. He is the same miracle working God we read about in the Bible. We have the same power and resources available to us but often times fail to realize this. Psalm 3 says, You are a shield around me. As I enter this new year filled with opportunities and challenges I welcome His shield all over me! I want to be used by God to touch lives everywhere. I don't want to hinder or limit what God has planned for my life. My goal this new year is to pour myself completely into growing my relationship with Christ. I feel the excitement in my Spirit. He is going to do a great work in those who are serious about the Kingdom of God.

Fasten your seat belts and hang on as God reveals Himself to others through your life in such an awesome way. Tap into the source. He wants to equip you for the work He has designed for your life this year.

Be blessed in 2008!


  1. Happy...Happy New Year to you as well!!

    God truly has amazing, great things in store for each of us in 2008!!!

    I've got my seat belt fastened!!


  2. This past year has really seemed a year of stops. I will be so glad to be moving forward again.
    Seat belt is buckled.


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