Thursday, December 6

Surgery scheduled

My hubby had a tough weekend. The new meds prescribed by his surgeon were ineffective and the pain level was almost intolerable last week. Surgery has finally been scheduled and relief is definitely on the horizon. He is scheduled for surgery next Wednesday morning. Yesterday we had to drive to Fairfax for his pre-opt routine. Unfortunately it took us 1.5 hours in horrid traffic congestion. We received a small amount of snow at rush hour and the entire Northern Virginia area was gridlocked! It truly was a nightmare. He had a tough day and was experiencing much pain throughout the afternoon and evening. Thank you for your continued prayers. Even though we don't understand all he is going through we know God is still in control of our lives and ministry. We are so grateful for our church family, friends and family during this challenging time. So many have been so kind and loving to us as we walk through this valley.

I was reading from Come Away My Beloved by Frances Roberts today and I would like to share some encouraging words from this book. This chapter gave me such peace and comfort today.

O My children, what do you need today? Is it comfort? Is it courage? Is it healing? Is it guidance? Behold, I assure you, whatever it is you need, if you will look to Me, I will supply.

I will be to you what the sun is to the flower; what the water of the ocean is to the fish; and what the sky is to the birds. I will give you life, light, and strength. I will surround you and preserve you, so that in Me you may live, move, and have your being, exiting in Me when apart from me you would die. I will be to you as the wide-open skies, in that I will liberate your spirit in such fashion that you will not be earthbound.

You will live in a realm where the things of earth will not be able to impede and obstruct and limit your movement; but you will be freed in Me to a place where your spirit may soar as the eagle, and you may make your nest in a place of safety and solitude, unmolested and undefiled by the sordidness of the world.

Be done with petty things. Be done with small dreams. Give Me all that you have and are; and I will share with you abundantly all that I have and all that I am.

Be to Me a reservoir where I can store up My reserve of strength and power of blessings, and so make it readily available to the thirsty.

God reassures us that whatever we need He will supply. He is so awesome and I love Him so much. I am thankful for His fingerprints upon my life. I am thankful for incredible surgeons who can repair our broken bodies. I am thankful for friends who want to help when life becomes hectic. I am thankful for a church who loves us and prays for us daily. I am thankful for a God who always shows up when we need Him most.

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Blessings to each of you today!


  1. Bless you sweetie, praying for your husband.

  2. beautiful...i love your post!

  3. Debbie,

    I will be praying for your husband.


  4. Beautiful quotes - thanks for sharing them. And praying for you and your husband to make it through the next week.

  5. I will be praying, too. That was beautiful quotes!! Very comforting. Hugs Grams

  6. I am so glad he is going to get some relief.. the surgery is so much easier these days..

    I will lift you both up in prayer...


  7. Praying for you DH... I'll tell you - it IS a miracle what surgeons are able to do these days! I have a friend who fell of her horse and shattered 3 vertebrae in her back last March. She was laying in the hospital thinking she would probably never walk again. But God had plans for her and he sent an incredible surgeon who used some miracle cement they have and glued her back together - and she was up walking the next morning! She was back at Curves working out again 3 weeks later! Talk about a plan! God is soooooo good! Yep... I'm praying!

  8. Praying for your husband. May he be pain free afterwards.

    Have a great weekend.

  9. I know he is so glad to know that there will be relief soon.
    The room looks beautiful.

  10. Dear precious lady, Just checking in to see how you and your hubby are doing and if I am right he has had surgery already. know you are in our prayers and thoughts. love from SOuth Africa

  11. Just wonder how things were going and how your hubby is doing.
    Thinking of you and praying.

  12. Hope everything is fine. Praying... Blessings!


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