Wednesday, June 10

Effective Christian Leadership Is Not An Event

For anyone who serves in a leadership position, you have an awesome responsibility to consistently develop and mature spiritually. Effective leadership in churches is a product of spiritually mature Christian leaders. This is a process which demands hard work, commitment and time. There is never a quick fix to spiritual growth.

Leadership is a broad term. Women are leaders and many often fail to recognize that concept. Just think about all the multi-tasking which is required of you daily. You take care of your children, grandchildren, hubby, home, finances, etc. Many women are SAHM but many also work outside the home. And still many women are care-givers for their parents. Do you teach Sunday School, Missionettes or Children's Church? If so, you are serving in a leadership role and impact lives weekly. Multiple responsibilities and numerous leadership opportunities are at your finger tips.

How do you remain sane and effective in your role? How do you determine that you will not become stagnant in your Christian walk? How do you determine that you will continue to cultivate and grow to attain spiritual maturity? What steps do you take to make certain you do not burn out, stress out or lose out spiritually in the ministry?

Setting aside quality time each day for you and God is a requirement. You will not be a success in your role as a leader if the relationship between you and God is not cultivated and nurtured daily. Paul compares spiritual maturity to a plant in Colossians 2. We don't just place a seed in dirt, add water and expect a plant the next day. In order for that plant to develop into its purpose, cultivation of the soil, sunshine and rain are requirements. Without these elements it will simply remain a seed and rot in the ground. Without spiritual maturity you will wither and die. Spiritual growth is a requirement in order for you to develop and bloom as God has planned for your life.

Sounds simple doesn't it? We know better! Satan will discourage you in your journey as you commit time to read your Bible and pray but God is your source, strength and the answer to all of life's challenges. If you are determined to be effective as a leader and a Christian, God will provide the tools for your success. Spiritual growth is not an event - it is a lifelong process.

Blessings friends!

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