Tuesday, August 21

I've been tagged.......

This is a first for me! Thank you Kim for tagging me! This will be fun. Here goes!

Accent - I was born and raised in Maryland. We have lived in Virginia for 15 years so there probably is a little southern accent going on.

I don't drink alcoholic beverages but love caffeine and drink plenty of coffee!

Chore I hate - Dusting for sure!

Pets - We have 3 dogs, 2 parakeets and one beta fish. I love animals!

Essential Electronics - That would definitely have to be my laptop and Internet!

Perfume - I like light fragrances and use a number of different perfumes from Mary Kay.

Gold or silver - Definitely both!

Insomnia - Rarely an issue! Usually so tired when I finally get to bed that I pass out in minutes.

Job Title - Pastor's wife partnering with my hubby in ministry, Woman in Ministry, Mom, Grammy and Executive Secretary

Most Admired Trait - Interior decorating and hospitality

Kids - Daughter, 27 and married, Son, soon to be 25 and married, 2 grandchildren

Phobia - I despise snakes!

Religion - Full Gospel/Assembly of God

Siblings - My brother Brad passed away nine years ago with cancer

Time I wake up - 5 a.m.

Unusual talent/skill - God has blessed me with many talents and skills but none are really unusual.

Vegetable I refuse to eat - I love all veggies!

Worst habit - Staying up too late every night.

X-rays - Recently had a need for x-rays of my back when I pulled my sciatic nerve.

My favorite meal - Oh my - dessert for sure! :-)

I am tagging Grams , Sharon and Kim at Seasons of My Heart.

Blessings to you!


  1. Hey Girl
    I've seen this MEME going around. I have done mine and I will post it tomorrow. Thanks for the tag.

    I don't know if I have ever said this but I love the name of your blog. Coffee and Chocolate--what more could you ask for? Now if only my hips did not like to remind me of those simple pleasures! You know what they say--a moment on the lips forever on the hips. :)

  2. My daughter Karen called me from work to tell me I had been taged!!
    I will get this up soon!! It sounds like a fun one!!

    Karen made me a new blog on Friday night! You can find it under my picture on the sidebar.... It will be fun for my missionary daughter Carrie to keep up with us on our trip. Grams

  3. Hi again!! Tomorrow is Wordless Wednsday so if I don't get the meme up tomorrow I will do it on Thursday or Friday!! Hugs Grams

  4. I'm workin' on mine too!!! Very fun!!


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