Wednesday, July 11

Back Pain

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I can fully appreciate anyone who has experienced any level of back pain after my suffering the last six days with my back. I have been blessed with good health up to this point and rarely have a need to see a doctor. I am one of those types who self diagnose themselves. You're right.... not a good thing but it has worked for me..... most of the time.

Since our office was closed Wednesday for the July 4th holiday I took a few days of vacation. Bobby and I would have gone out of town but he was asked to perform a wedding which required him to be at rehearsal Friday evening and the wedding Saturday afternoon. Since we were home for a few days we completed some things around the house, enjoyed our family time and relaxed. I love working in my yard and I have lots of flower beds. This is pure therapy for me. I was attempting to relocate a wrought iron plant hanger when I felt a slight pain in the right side of my back. I didn't really give it much thought until a few hours later when the pain became more intense. By Saturday morning I was experiencing extreme pain. Slight relief came when lying down. Now, for those of you who know me realize that sitting for more than a few minutes is not part of my daily regime! I am a very active person and not able to do anything was extremely frustrating!

Sunday mornings I wake at 5:00 a.m. to review my Sunday School lesson (I teach the Senior adult class and love it!) and finalize details for the services. The pain level in my back had diminished and I decided I could tolerate the discomfort through church. As I stepped out of the shower something happened and my hubby had to assist me in dressing. I navigated to the sofa in extreme agony and insisted that he leave for church.

My tolerance level for pain is very high but the pain worsened to the point of intolerance. I called our daughter who lives five minutes from our home and was able to reach her before she left for church. She took me to the emergency room and during a three hour time frame the doctor ordered x-rays, numerous meds and a shot for pain. By the time Bobby arrived to the hospital I was totally out of it! I wasn't able to communicate or even walk by myself. Needless to say they sent me home, I got sick in the car and continued to be sick until 6:00 that evening. Not a good day! Obviously I was over medicated with pain meds. The only good thing about the situation - I didn't feel any pain in my back!

I stayed home from work Monday hoping the rest would heal my back and returned to the office Tuesday. I had an appointment Tuesday with our family physician and was blessed with another shot of pain medication. I despise needles but truly welcomed that offer!

When the alarm sounded this morning at 5:00 a.m. I navigated slowly down the stairs to the kitchen to take my pain meds! Oh my Lord!!! I rarely take medication but this is the only way I can manage the pain.

I am thankful today that God is still in the healing business and that He has been by my side throughout these past six extremely challenging days. I don't know what I would do without Him. Do you ever wonder how people manage the trials and tribulations in their lives without Jesus? I can fully understand how people become so discouraged and depressed when trying to navigate through life on their own.

Thank you for your prayers.

Have a blessed day!


  1. From one who is very familiar with back pain I strongly suggest that you consider seeing a chiropracter so that any hidden issues will be taken care of. You have a nice blog.

  2. You are in my prayers. As one w/chronic back pains, I can truly sympathize w/you. Alternating ice and heat works really well for me. Another 'trick' is to lie on your back and have enough pillows under your calves to make your thighs perpendicular to your trunk.

    As for chiropractors- I have mixed notions on that. I have been twice. Once really helped, the other time sent me to the hospital for a week, and physical therapy for 3 weeks.

    I will pray. God knows best how to fix His creation.


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