Sunday, April 1


This has been a very challenging week in the Shank household. Tuesday one of our little people with fur that had been in our family for 13 years slipped away. He became sick over the weekend and couldn't eat. When we took him to the vet we discovered that he had a tumor although the doctor felt very optimistic regarding Buddy's recovery. We agreed to the exploratory surgery and a few hours later Buddy was gone. This dog was Brandon's childhood pet and a great loss to our family.

Friday was my day off and Brooke, Victoria, Luke and I ran a few quick errands. My hubby was trimming bushes because we had planned to conquer our yard work this weekend, trimming shrubs, mulching, edging, etc. We had almost finished our shopping when Bobby called my cell and asked when I would be home. Very unlike him. I returned his call and asked if there was something he needed. He then asked me if I knew what he had been doing. I knew immediately that something was obviously wrong. When I arrived home he was very disoriented and confused. After talking to him for a few more minutes I called the doctor and we made our way to the hospital in Fair Oaks. After numerous tests he was finally released from the hospital last evening. The cause of the memory loss and confusion is not known. Another test is scheduled next week. His blood pressure was extremely elevated when we arrived at the hospital and that is one possibility for the problem.

It has been a very long and tiring weekend and we have definitely been challenged. Bobby insisted that I go to church this morning. Brooke and her family stayed with him. I taught my Sunday School class and led praise and worship. We had a great service but it just wasn't the same without him at the pulpit. He was greatly missed today.

When we come to that place where there seems to be no answers, we must remind ourselves that God is still in control. He knows all things when everything around us appears as a fog. Please remember my hubby in your prayers. We are believing God for a complete healing. This is Easter week and many things must be completed before Sunday. This only adds to the stress of a difficult situation.

Why do things like this happen.... I can't answer that question but again I know my God is in control of all situations when our lives are totally surrendered to Him. He sees the big picture and He will walk with us through every valley that we encounter. He is my comfort, my peace, my strength and my rock!

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