Monday, July 11

Ordinary to Accomplish Extraordinary

Do you know that God uses ordinary folks to accomplish extraordinary tasks? Amazing isn't it? For some reason we tend to have this mindset that God cannot do anything great with our lives unless we are credentialed ministers, we have accomplished something absolutely incredible like many well -known authors, speakers and musicians, or have been miraculously healed from a horrible disease. Obviously these things will certainly win us some level of notoriety but not required for God to use us to accomplish great things for the Kingdom of God!

Reading my devotion the following scripture jumped out at me. When they saw the courage of Peter and John and realized that they were unschooled, ordinary men, they were astonished and they took note that these men had been with Jesus Acts 4:13 (NIV). The Sanhedrin couldn't take their eyes off them—Peter and John standing there so confident, so sure of themselves! Their fascination deepened when they realized these two were laymen with no training in Scripture or formal education. I realize that most pastors focus on the portion of scripture that says, "these men had been with Jesus". It is true they had been with Jesus but what really fascinates me, and I believe sometimes is lost, is the fact that Peter and John and all the other disciples for that matter, were just ordinary men.

Our success in Christ should never be limited or measured by man's opinion or evaluation. God has given each of us incredible gifts and talents. As He opens doors for our ministries we should approach them with confidence thanking God for the continued work He is completing in our lives each day. He doesn't necessarily need the most educated and the most talented individuals to accomplish great tasks. Of course He uses them also but He continues to seek for willing, committed vessels who are sold out for the cause of Christ. God equips the called.

God is calling us to be Great for Him. He will never ask us to go where He has not provided the means to assist us. He will never call us to do a work without completely equipping us to be successful in accomplishing the task.
In Exodus, chapter 4, Moses is involved in a discussion with God regarding his suitability to represent the Israelites."What if they do not believe me or listen to me?" he asks God. "What is that in your hand?" the Lord replies. "A staff,", Moses says.Then God tells Moses to throw the staff on the ground, and when he does, it immediately becomes a serpent.

God gave Moses the ability to use whatever was in his hand at the moment to demonstrate not Moses' power, but God's power! A shepherd's staff was commonly a three-to-six-foot wooden rod with a curved hook at the top. The shepherd used it for walking, guiding his sheep, killing snakes, and many other tasks. Still, it was just a stick. But God used the simple shepherd's rod Moses carried to teach him an important lesson.

God sometimes takes joy in using ordinary things for extraordinary purposes. What are the ordinary things in your life - your voice, a pen, a musical instrument? While it is easy to assume God can use only special skills, you must not hinder His use of the everyday contributions you can make. Little did Moses imagine the power his simple staff would yield when it became the rod of God.What's in your hand that God wants to use? Whatever is in your hand, God can use it for His glory. He has blessed you with many talents and gifts. How can He use you to further the Kingdom of God?

I am speaking to myself today as well as many of you who may be reading this blog. God doesn't make mistakes. He gives us the desires of our heart. I truly believe that when we are totally committed to His will, His plan will unfold in our lives in His timing. I realize that we sometimes become impatient because plans just don't seem to be moving forward in our life in the fast lane but God knows what He is doing. Enjoy the journey. Do some sightseeing. Relax and allow God to use you as you travel this journey. He is going to take you places you never thought were possible if you stay focused on Him and committed to His Word and calling upon your life.

You are special. God has created you for a specific purpose. Don't allow the enemy to discourage you by telling you that you are unworthy for the task God has placed before you or you have nothing to offer. God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary works for His Kingdom!  Even in the small things that you and I are doing this week,  God is being recognized and lives are being transformed.

Blessings to all those ordinary people like me, reading this blog today! You are incredible and God is working his plan in your life!