Wednesday, November 4

Having "One of Those Days"?

Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be men of courage; be strong. 1 Corinthians 16:13
Recently I had "one of those days" where nothing seemed to go right. I awoke at 5am and took the dogs out for the routine potty break. When I returned outside to bring them back into the house, somehow I missed the steps coming off our patio and landed on the pavers! Luckily it was still dark outside so no one saw me!! I managed to catch myself going down and braced my fall with my hands. Needless to say, I scraped my elbow, and my knee and jolted my shoulder but was very thankful that I had not broken any bones.

Recently my husband replaced the lock on the front door of our home. I had given the extra door key to our daughter who cleans our house each week. Brooke does so much for me and I am so thankful for her. With my hectic schedule I don't know how I would get everything accomplished without her. As I was leaving for work that same morning that I had fallen, after the front door slammed behind me, I realized that I had forgotten my cell phone. My driver's license and debit card are also in the case with my phone. As I reached for my house key I realized that Bobby had never had another key made so I was locked out of the house! He was still sleeping and our bedroom is upstairs in the back of the house. I rang the doorbell a zillion times and even the dogs didn't hear anything!! I pounded on the door but finally realized that nothing would wake him. I drove to my daughter's home, pounded on her door :-), and asked her to please call her dad and tell him to bring my cell phone downstairs and open the door!! After I arrived at work he called me to ask why I had not used my key to unlock the door..... and then he quickly remembered that he forgot to get a key made for me. He apologized and really felt bad about what had happened. That was certainly "one of those days"!

Maybe you are having "one of those days" today but it isn't exactly that sort of day. Is this "one of those days" where God is nudging you to do something for Him that is His special assignment? As Christians we never know what God is planning for us in the next second. Serving Him is exciting and adventurous. The scriptures encourages us to stand firm in the faith, be strong, behave courageously, be on our guard against spiritual dangers, and do everything with kindness and in love.

Even when we experience "one of those days" God is doing a work in our lives. Don't allow the disappointments of this life to overshadow the joy from the Lord. God is still on the throne and He is still in control my friend! He loves you and only desires the best for your life. Allow Him to have His way today. He can turn "one of those days" into an incredible opportunity to do something awesome for the Kingdom.


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