Wednesday, July 23

Life is Busy

The past week has been a whirlwind. I have missed blogging.

Brandon and Casey have been home for two weeks and ministering in various locations. Last week Brandon preached a three night revival at a local church. In addition to that our church hosted the annual "Sports Camp". Trying to be everywhere at the some time just doesn't work.

Our "Sports Camp" was an incredible success. Kudos to all those who made it happen. The revival services were awesome. It was a great time of renewal for me personally. For such a young evangelist Brandon has been given an incredible gift from God. The Lord is truly using him in a magnificent way.

This week is Family Camp in the Potomac District. Monday night Brandon and his dad tag teamed in speaking and it was a night to surely remember. Our choir sang and the praise team led worship. It was like one big family affair. It was awesome! God showed up and it was just an incredible evening. God is so faithful!

Blessings and hugs!


  1. I have an award for you. Please come over and see.

  2. Life can get crazy in summer, can't it! Thanks for posting in spite of the busyness!

  3. Know that I've been praying for you as you sound SUPER busy!!!

    It just tickles me to hear the amazing things God is doing in your son! We SO need young seek after God and be used by him in powerful ways today!!

    I can't wait to hear more good news.

    Be blessed.


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