Monday, October 15

Awesome day!

Yesterday was one of the most incredible days of our lives! This is Minister Appreciation Month and October 14 was the official day in the Assemblies of God to honor your pastors. Many churches choose to focus on that particular day but some choose another Sunday in October. Our church honored my hubby and I and our youth pastor and his wife yesterday. It was an awesome day!

Before I fill you in on all the details of the day let me say this. If your church is planning an event this month for your pastor please make sure that you don't forget about your pastoral wives. Even though many pastor's wives do not speak weekly and are in front of the church on a weekly basis they are still a vital part of the ministry team. Unless you are a pastor's wife you have no idea what this position entails. Loneliness, frustration, discouragement are all part of what encompasses the wife of a pastor. Many times a pastor's wife feels so isolated because there is no one to talk too when she is hurting or upset. Unfortunately she is not able to confide in another lady in the church. I don't mean to be callous and cold but obviously there is a certain amount of confidentiality and privacy that must be protected as a pastor's wife. Another pastor's wife would be an excellent confidant but many times we hesitate to travel that road for various reasons.

Pray for your pastor's wife and her family daily. A note of encouragement or an encouraging email to her is a great way to express your appreciation. Meeting her for a cup of coffee at Starbucks once a month or taking her to lunch occasionally would also be a great way to express your support. Did you ever notice how the pastor is always invited to lunch with different men in the church but rarely are the pastor's wives given the same invitation by other women? What's with that? I encourage you to pamper your pastor's wife once a month. There are many things she has to deal with that you will never know about. Her and her hubby carry the burdens of the church daily. They are expected to encourage and love others in the midst of crisis and turmoil. That love and appreciation also needs to be reciprocated to the pastor's families.

Now for more about our incredible day................ WOW! Bobby and I have co-pastored in ministry for twenty-seven years and this Pastor Appreciation Day topped them all. Kudos to every person who worked so diligently to make it all happen. I don't know what else could have possibly been done that would have made it any better.

We were given flowers as we arrived to the church. Immediately following praise and worship we were asked to sit on the front pew of the church along with our youth pastor and family. Our daughter and her family were seated behind us. One of the young men from our congregation dedicated a song to Pastor Bobby and our youth pastor. It was awesome! Following that special our daughter sang a beautiful song called "My Father's Day" to her dad. Oh my gosh! Bobby had to place his face in his hankie because he was bawling like a baby. After her special they presented a video from Brandon and Casey that had been recorded from their dorm apartment at Evangel University in Springfield, MO. They told us how much they wanted to be with us and wished us a wonderful day and then instructed us to go to the side door of the church because there was something waiting for us on the other side of the door.

When Bobby opened the door guess who was waiting on the other side? SURPRISE!!! Brandon and Casey along with Bobby's mom and sister from Maryland and our youth pastor's parents from North Carolina. My mom and step-dad were planning to come but had to change their plans at the last minute when my step-dad landed in the hospital with kidney stones. After the hugging and kissing they presented a video highlighting the lives of both pastors and their families. It was awesome. My hubby then proceeded to put Brandon on the spot and invites him to preach the morning service. After all ..... he is an evangelist and that is what they do..... hahaha! And the Bible tells us that as pastors we are to be prepared in season and out of season right??? Actually, Brandon it had been decided weeks ago that Brandon would speak but Bobby mentioned to a few people the past several weeks that God had given him this incredible message for Pastor Appreciation Day and no one wanted to mess with God's stuff. Anyway........Brandon did speak and he did an awesome job.

Following the service we were escorted to the fellowship hall where a fantastic meal had been prepared. During lunch there was an open microphone and many folks offered wonderful words of encouragement and thanks to the leadership team at the church. We were also presented with wonderful cards and gifts.

God is amazing and His people are incredible. We are so thankful for the wonderful church God has entrusted to us in this particular season of our ministry.

It was an awesome day!



  1. What a truly beautiful day!

  2. heart is SO touched by all that was done for you!!! Pastors (and especially their wives) carry a HEAVY..load...and so often go unappreciated!!!!!

    Your congregation did an AMAZING job!!! Blessings to you, and your dh during Pastor's Appreciation Month!!

  3. I am so glad they celebrated you and your husband in such a beautiful way sweetie.

  4. Wow! See the reflection of what you have shepherded. The sheep rise up and just applaud the Shepard for keeping them herded and safe in the storm.
    Be Embraced!

  5. What a wonderful day!
    I am so glad ya'll have a group of people who take care of you.
    I love doing special things for our pastor and his wife. They are our good friends so it is a fun responsibility to have.

  6. Visit my blog, I have an award for you sweetie.

  7. This is so awesome!! I am so glad that your church did this for you!! You are SO blessed!! Love and Hugs Carolyn

  8. What a wonderful family/church family you have!!

    Great word about Pastors wives. It's so true!


  9. Oh, I'm so blessed you had such a special day!!

    My husband and I pastored a church for 12 years.

    I could relate to everything you shared. We are in a different season now, but I never stop appreciating all those pastor's wives!

    Keep holding on!



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